Every four years our scout association is holding a Bavarian jamboree on our camp site Bucher Berg. We are very happy to welcome international guests and find new friends from around the world.

Please note that the official participant age is between 11 and 14 years. The main program will be adapted to this target group and is obligatory for the participants.

We offer also a optional program for scouts and guides between 15 and 27 years with a lot of field trips and workshops.

If you are an adult over 27 you still can be sure to have a lot of fun – let us surprise you!

This time our camp will focus on mediaval times and give you an insight in former sustainability as manufacturing techniques, preservation of food and other interesting facts and skills.

Choose your subcamp!

After the dead of Queen Anna VI. the Houses of ERIADOR are fighting for the throne. They gather at Bucher Berg camp site to hold a competition. The winner will get the right to designate the new King or Queen.

Come with us to the Middle Ages where we will explore medieval technologies and skills and find ways to transfer them to modern sustainability.

Choose one of the Houses and take part in a fantastic journey through time!

House of Arelion
color: read
heraldic animal: dragon
category: magicians
House of Fyre
color: orange
heraldic animal: phoenix
category: scholars
House of Nyroc
color: blue
heraldic animal: shark
category: seafarers
House of Lykares
color: green
heraldic animal: wolf
category: warriors
House of Rabenstein
color: yellow
heraldic animal: raven
category: advisors
The subcamp for families