On July 31 the whole camp will go on field trips! All participants need to leave the camp site between 10am und 4pm.

During registration you will be asked which field trip you want to participate at. You can plan your own field trip or participate at one of the following field trips.

For further information please read the attached documents with price lists and duration time (following soon). The payment will be in cash at the camp site.

Please note that we will charge 10-15€ per person for the bus transfer, which is not included in the given prices.

Please note that a group can only choose one field trip for the whole group.

Nuremberg – Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds

Visit the “Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds” in Nuremberg. Afterwards you have time to explore the city.


Nuremberg on your own

Explore the city of Nuremberg and use the time for a shopping trip or visit the Imperial Castle or one of the famous museums.



Enjoy your day at the swimming pool Keldorado in Kelheim.


Altmühltal – panoramic hike

Do a hike along the Altmültaler panoramic hiking path. It is also suitable for younger participants and strollers.


Dinosaur Park Altmühltal

You always wanted to meet a Dinosaur face-to-face? Here you’ll find the best opportunity!


Hall of Liberation Kelheim und Monastry Weltenburg

Explore the impressive Hall of Liberation and visit the Monastry of Weltenburg, where you’ll find loads of culinary pleasures!


Regensburg – Museum of Bavarian History

Visit the Museum of Bavarian History in Regensburg. Afterwards you have the chance to explore the city on your own.


Regensburg on your own

Explore the city of Regensburg and use the time for a shopping trip or a visit of the historic attractions.


Stalactite cave Schulerloch

Visit the famous Stalactite cave Schulerloch. If you’re lucky you can see bats in their natural habitat.


King-Otto-stalactite cave and climbing park Velburg

First you will visit the King-Otto-stalactite cave, afterwards you can let off steam at the climbing park Velburg.

Attention! Limited number of participants!


Altmühltaler climbing park Beilngries

This climbing park promises fun for young and old participants!

Limited to 120 participants.

Lake Agatha and summer toboggan

Have a lot of action and fun at the summer outdoor toboggan. Afterwards you can go for swimming in the nearby Lake Agatha.


Canoeing on the Altmühl

Explore the river Altmühl with our own canoes.

Attention! Limited number of participants!

Limes world heritage & Roman Museum

Go on a time travel back to the Roman Empire and find out how their culture is linked to modern time.

Eichstätt – Jurassic Museum

In the Museum of pre- and early history you can immerse yourselves into Jurassic time. Afterwards you can explore the city of Eichstätt on your own.


You want to go hiking on your own? Just plan your trip and if you want you can also hike overnight.

If you want you can also plan your own field trip.