… as group leader

You and your group want to attend the Landeslager, and here is all the information you need for your registration.

It is important that you as leader register before your group members, because we need to give you a group ID (identification number). This number helps us to identify and manage you as a group belonging together.

So you need to choose one group leader to register first, even if there are several leaders. This one leader will then receive emails with information etc. Additional leaders register as participants and use the space for comments to type in “leader”.

Then we will know about his or her function.

You can start the registration by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page.

First select: : „All other staffers/participants please use this link” and fill in your personal data in the form.

If you are asked for the name of the group, it is important to write the name of the group that you are now the leader of, not your original or former group.

Please tick the box : „I’m a troopleader/parent/single attendee“

After filling in all the necessary information and sending it off you will receive a confirmation email, your group ID and your data as pdf document. Please pass the ID on to your group members.

If you are 18 or older, just pay the camp fee per bank transfer and you are done.

If you are a minor, please print out the pdf document, have it signed by a parent or legal guardian and send it to the address below. (It would be helpful if you send in the registration forms of all your group members collectively.)

VCP Land Bayern
Postfach 450131
90212 Nürnberg

Please note, that your registration is only complete and valid if:

  • the registration form has reached our office (signed by a legal guardian if minor)
  • and the camp fee is fully credited to the account of the VCP Bayern (latest date is April 30th, 2020)

Groups from abroad can transfer the sum together, but the registration numbers of all participants must be listed in the “reference” or “reason for payment” space or you list them in an additional email.

Group leaders receive an extra link and password that you can use to check the registration status of your group. You can see who has registered with your group ID and if minors have sent the signed copy to the office and paid the camp fee.

status explanation:
Unterschrift vorhanden = signed copy is at the office or person is over 18
Unterschrift fehlt = signed copy is still missing for a minor
Muss noch bezahlen = camp fee isn’t paid yet

This helps you remind members individually, and everything will be set and done when registration ends on April 30th, 2020

how to register your group members

All members of your group can register in the same way and insert your Group ID.

You have further questions? anmeldung@landeslager.bayern | fon: +49 911 4304 264